Accommodation place project

In conjunction with the OAB Architecture Study in Barcelona, this project’s objective is the rehabilitation of two buildings which will provide us with a new and innovative vision for living and recreation spaces, given that:

In one building we will have a 400m² multipurpose hall prepared for leisure and recretation activities for the people of the different centres as well as for the users of the living spaces, and which will also be able to host events open to everyone.

In the other building we will have two floors consisting of fourteen large rooms, with natural light and a private living room, which will create space for greater privacy and independence.  The residents can also enjoy the use of the dining room, as well as a multipurpose room and a shared green area.

The venue will also have two floors of accommodation for a total of four to five families that will allow them to:

  • Live together as a family so that additional family members who need help (for example, elderly parents or siblings with disabilities) and want to live together, can also use the facilities.
  • Use the venue temporarily as a means of developing independence, in order to prepare them so that they can live safely on their own in the future.
  • This setting will be an incentive for a disabled person to start the process of becoming independent from their parents' home, by initially living at this complex temporarily (e.g. one/two days a week, then weekly every month, etc.) until they progressively accept and adapt to the change.

In the residence, as well as in the family apartments, requests for temporary periods of stay will be taken into account, in which -for different circumstances and for short periods of time- a family cannot continue to have a disabled person living in their house.

If any of the rooms are not occupied, they can temporarily be offered to students, tourists, etc. as accommodation, with the aim of using this small profit to cover the expenses of the facilities.

The location of this property is within the urban area of Sarrià de Ter, which is five minutes from the city of Girona. There is a bus stop 50 meters from the building and contains 20,000 m2 of forest on the plot, which makes this a remarkable environment for people with disabilities.


Housing Allocation
Sarrià de Ter


Office of Architecture in Barcelona
phone: 93 238 51 36
Balmes 145 Baixos / 08008 Barcelona


Amb motiu de la detenció i empresonament preventiu d’un ja ex monitor del nostre centre, després d’haver estat denunciat per les famílies de tres noies per la possible comissió d’un delicte d’abusos sexuals, la Fundació Privada Els Joncs comunica:

  • Que des del centre es condemnen els fets, mostrant una ferma i clara repulsa cap a aquests, donant tot el suport necessari tant a les joves afectades com a les seves famílies.
  • La Fundació compareixerà com acusació particular a les diligències judicials que consten obertes. Des que la Fundació va tenir coneixement dels fets, ha posat en marxa el protocol d’actuació necessari en aquests casos per dur a terme la pertinent investigació interna, havent-se adoptat immediatament les mesures pertinents.
  • Donades les circumstàncies, des de la Fundació agrairem que es continuï preservant el respecte i la intimitat de les joves afectades i de les seves famílies. Des de la Fundació treballem i treballarem enèrgicament, dedicant els esforços pertinents, per acompanyar a les joves i a les seves famílies en tot moment.