Sarrià de Ter, January 24th 2012

On January 24th 2012 received the St. Fèlix Awards from the bishop of Girona.

The Diocese of Girona recognized the work of the “ELS JONCS” Foundation in Sarrià de Ter to St. Fèlix Award. In 1977 the Foundation begins working to care for people with intellectual disabilities, from the “Mare de Déu del Carme” Special Education Centre and from the “ELS JONCS” Special Employment Centre. Since 1997, the St. Fèlix Awards recognize the social, cultural, humanitarian and training activities to individuals, groups and institutions in the territory of the diocese of Girona that are carried out for prolonged period of time. At the award ceremony, the Bishop of Girona, Francesc Pardo, emphasized that the prize, “wants to be a thank you to all those who have been and are working for the “ELS JONCS” Foundation and as an encouragement for those going ahead”. He also highlighted that, with this award, the Bishop of Girona, “wants to make known the work of this institution.” In the same way, the Mayor of Sarrià de Ter, Roger Torrent, wanted to emphasize that “the fundamental goal is to recognize the values that we must restore and set up: work, tenacity and the power of ideas.” Roger Torrent added that the history of the Foundation is, “a great little story of people that never resigned and that do not surrender.”

For his part, the President of “ELS JONCS” Foundation, Dionís Poch, has been grateful for the recognition of the Diocese of Girona.