The Els Joncs Foundation is a non-profit organization that, although it was established in 1991, has its origins in the “Mare de Déu del Carme” School of Special Education that began in 1977.

It is an entity that is the result of the initiative of parents of people with intellectual disabilities and some professionals in the sector who, not seeing their needs met in the province of Girona, initiate activities that have been expanded over time.

Our mission is to serve people with intellectual disabilities so that they achieve maximum autonomy and real social inclusion, having as a main value respect for the dignity of the person in all its integrity.

We think that it is very important to offer a normalized environment where the person with intellectual disabilities is offered a dignified and welcoming place, which allows them to grow in self-esteem and obtain learning of social skills for their full real integration in our society.

Respecting this dignity in the SCHOOL we want to give specialized attention to each person for which we have our own team of multidisciplinary professionals who, working in small groups of students, carry out an individualized project for each one to achieve the maximum development of their abilities .

We understand that once the school stage is over, the dignity of a person is greatly enhanced by exercising the right to paid work, which we offer from the SPECIAL WORK CENTER.

For those people who still cannot access it, we offer the OCCUPATIONAL SERVICE with the aim that they acquire preparatory skills for a future work activity, and meanwhile also acquire the maximum of social skills that help them to their full real inclusion in society .

On the other hand, we believe that LEISURE activities are a right of every person, and it also reflects how we understand the dignity of people with intellectual disabilities.

We are a growing entity, both in terms of beneficiaries and professionals and activities, that we want to satisfy the needs of the sector by acting with maximum efficiency and transparency, seeking excellence in our activity and helping to create a better world.



Intellectual Disability of Catalonia

Catalan Coordinator of Foundations


Association of entities for the Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities of the Gerund Counties