FUNDACIÓ ELS JONCS is strongly committed to people with intellectual disabilities, making a decisive commitment to its efficient organization that is well managed and transparent to society. For this reason, and to fulfil Law 19/2013 of December the 9th and Law 19/2014 of December the 29th on transparency, access to public information and good government, in this website you will find the following information:

Board of trustees (and Board of Directors)

You can check the board members by clicking on the link below.

Management and governance structure

The highest body is the Board of Trustees. The Executive Committee has the function of executing the decisions approved by the Board of Trustees. It is responsible for the management of the Foundation and all those powers delegated to it by the Board of Trustees. Its members are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a maximum of three other trustees. All of them hold office for free.

Organization chart

Registered statutes

Registered statutes

Good Governance Code

Good Governance Code

Equality Plan

Equality Plan

Money Laundering Prevention Measures Protocol

Money Laundering Prevention Measures Protocol

Social Balance

Social Balance 2019

Social Balance 2018

Social Balance 2017

Official Grants

Grants 2019

Grants 2015-2018

Economic and financial information

We attach the Auditor’s report, as well as the balance sheet and the income statement for the last three financial periods.

Audit Office Of 2019

Audit Office Of 2018

Audit Office Of 2017

Audit Office Of 2016

Audit Office Of 2015

The patrons have the biggest responsibility in the Foundation. This position is not remunerated.

All the staff hired by the Foundation receive as remuneration according to the respective labour agreement..

Activities memory

Activities Memory 2019

Activities Memory 2018

Activities Memory 2017