Leisure time

For a long time, we have been promoting activities in which they enjoy recreational spaces that we believe are necessary for their development, such as:

  • Swimming (at the GEIEG facilities)
  • Equine therapy with specialized professionals (at Mas Alba Horse Riding facilities)
  • Trips abroad
  • Excursions to Port Aventura and other places of interest
  • Theatre
  • Music (with Professor Xavier Compte)

The school trips

At the school Mare de Déu del Carme we believe in the importance of traveling for the integral development of the person, and at the same time for the social equality of people with disabilities. The families of our students know and participate with enthusiasm in the project “We learn traveling”. They know that this is part of the educational project through receiving information about it ever since the enrolment of their child.

For many years, the school has been organizing trips at the end of the academic year with the  senior students. In the recent years we have been to Lisbon (2016), Canary Islands (2014), Marrakech (2012), Tunis (2010) and Egypt (2008).

We look for places where we can do outings and activities that provide us enriching experiences, and develop social habits in a different environment that does not exist in the school.

This project is made possible thanks to the disinterested support of teachers who accompany them and prepare the trip with the students in advance.

Trips are organised every two years, in order to have enough time to look for resources and fundraising. In addition to selling Christmas lottery tickets, other activities are organized which give us small amounts of income, such as: collection of paper and cardboard, handmade gifts at Christmas, sale of roses in St. Jordi, etc. Thanks to these kinds of activities, the trips have not brought costs to the Foundation. During these periods of fundraising, we take the opportunity to encourage students the habit of saving, going with them to the bank to deposit small amounts of money in an open deposit with his/her own name.

The trips always give very good results; it is enough to see the students´ faces when they return! The memories of these experiences accompany them for the rest of their lives.


Amb motiu de la detenció i empresonament preventiu d’un ja ex monitor del nostre centre, després d’haver estat denunciat per les famílies de tres noies per la possible comissió d’un delicte d’abusos sexuals, la Fundació Privada Els Joncs comunica:

  • Que des del centre es condemnen els fets, mostrant una ferma i clara repulsa cap a aquests, donant tot el suport necessari tant a les joves afectades com a les seves famílies.
  • La Fundació compareixerà com acusació particular a les diligències judicials que consten obertes. Des que la Fundació va tenir coneixement dels fets, ha posat en marxa el protocol d’actuació necessari en aquests casos per dur a terme la pertinent investigació interna, havent-se adoptat immediatament les mesures pertinents.
  • Donades les circumstàncies, des de la Fundació agrairem que es continuï preservant el respecte i la intimitat de les joves afectades i de les seves famílies. Des de la Fundació treballem i treballarem enèrgicament, dedicant els esforços pertinents, per acompanyar a les joves i a les seves famílies en tot moment.