Our objective is the rehabilitation of two buildings, a project that gives rise to a proposal for housing and leisure with a totally innovative vision in this field, given that:
In a building we will have a Multipurpose Room of 400m² that responds to a current need on the part of the people who are currently in our Centers, and will allow to extend the hours and activities that are developed today.

This space may be used simultaneously by the users of the homes, and events open to the general public may also be held.

In the other building we will have a ground floor where the common services and reception will be located.
There will also be three floors with a total of 17 apartments for 2-4 people, with plenty of natural light. Its users will be able to enjoy the use of the community dining room, as well as a multipurpose social room and a large green area that will allow:

  • Live together as a family so that additional family members who need help (for example, elderly parents or siblings with disabilities) and want to live together, can also use the facilities.
  • Use the venue temporarily as a means of developing independence, in order to prepare them so that they can live safely on their own in the future.
  • This setting will be an incentive for a disabled person to start the process of becoming independent from their parents' home, by initially living at this complex temporarily (e.g. one/two days a week, then weekly every month, etc.) until they progressively accept and adapt to the change.

Likewise, we can channel requests for temporary periods in which – for different circumstances and for a short period of time – a family cannot continue to have a person with a disability in their home.

The location of this property, within the urban development of the municipality of Sarrià de Ter, five minutes from the city of Girona, with a bus stop 50 meters away, and with 20,000 m2 of forest also owned by the Els Joncs Foundation, make this space an unbeatable environment for these people.